Notice: A Number of Blog Posts Coming Up!

I wanted to let regular readers know that I am going be writing a series of blog posts over the next days. Life has been busy this year, filled with teaching, being a parent, and being a husband. At the same time, there hasn't been a great deal of huge news in the industry. As a result, I haven't written very many blog posts.

Although I have one more convention coming up, my 2014-2015 convention schedule is basically over (I will have some sessions with the summer WSMA, and pehaps with the University of St. Thomas). At the moment, we are trying to get used to single digit temperatures after three days and four nights in San Antonio as part of the TI:ME/TMEA convention. If we didn't have personal committments here, I am not totally convinced that we wouldn't be packing up a U-Haul with all of our belongings and moving. It was REALLY hard to go outside to get to church this morning.

After attending sessions at ILMEA, OMEA, and TI:ME/TMEA, visiting vendor areas, and talking with a lot of people, I have some clear concepts about music education and technology, conferences, and trends that I want to put down “on paper” (or, at least, on the blog).

And with that, I will move on to writing those posts, but also wanted to explain why there will be a series of posts coming in the next days.


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