Thank you, Illinois!

To those that attended my session at the 2015 Illinois Music Educator Conference, thank you!  As you can tell, we were only scratching the surface of what the iPad can do–and what it can do for you.  I apologize that I have not posted this message before today (February 1st, SuperBowl Sunday), but I had left my MacBook back home, and did not make it home until yesterday afternoon.  One of my goals is to travel without my MacBook…to prove that you really don’t need it.  Well, if you want to upload PDFs to WordPress (the company that hosts this blog), you can’t do that on an iPad.

If you would like the handout I created for the ILMEA: The Latest and Greatest with iPads.  Otherwise,  you can open the PDF: The Latest and Greatest with iPads 2015.  These will always appear in my “Past Presentations” page here on the blog.

If you look at my past presentations, I generally re-create presentations, with the exception of times where I present the same presentation within a few weeks of each other (as I will in Ohio and Texas in the next two weeks).  Some of my material does repeat–and this is to be expected.  As I mentioned in the presentation, the best things keep getting better, some dead things come back to life, and there is always something new, too.

If you get a chance, check out the handouts from ILMEA (link).  There were a number of technology sessions of interest that may peak your interest–including the use of technology for assessment, the many uses of TonalEnergyTuner, and more.

On a personal note, I had the pleasure of spending time with a number of wonderful people this weekend.  I had the chance to have lunch with Steve Hayes (@Hayes_EdTech on Twitter), an Illinois band director, who is retiring at the end of this year.  Steve is the host of BYOD Chat on Twitter, and we share a love of music education, technology (going back to the Dell Axim, where we were both active on AximSite), and motorcycling.  I also had the chance to (finally) meet Brenda Muench (@bmuench on Twitter), an Illinois elementary music educator and music education technology blogger (see and Casey Fuess (@scfuess on Twitter), an Illinois choir director who is using Chromebooks after my session.  Brenda led a session on tablets (device agnostic) on Saturday, which you can find linked on her blog.  During the opening gala of the display area, I had a chance to visit with my collegiate band director and famous music education author, Bruce Pearson.  And finally, I had the chance to have dinner with Nathan Edwards, an Illinois choir director, who has followed my blog in the past and has been a great encouragement to my work on the blog.  That made for a tremendous day–one of the best in a LONG time.  By the way…the Rhythm Kitchen and the Hofbrau in Peoria were wonderful places to eat.

I stay at my parent’s home when I come down to ILMEA, and they live just outside of Milwaukee.  I made it to their house after 2am, and I had already known that I would not make it home to the Twin Cities area on Friday before school–so I had already taken it off.  As a result, I had a calm day at home, visiting my high school choir director, Sherman Leatherberry, and then visiting my best friend (and his family) from college, David Hinz, who is now a discipleship pastor at a large Baptist Church in the Milwaukee Area.  That led to another wonderful day.

So…with all sincerity, thank you Illinois, and I hope to be back again for ILMEA in January 2016!


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