Not About Music Education…

My six year old has been heavily into Legos for some time, even more so because of the various Lego cartoons that are available (e.g. Ninjago), and of course, the Lego Movie.

I find this interesting because I loved Legos, too, and a very common present for me in my pre-teen years were Lego sets, particularly Space Legos. My main toys as a child were my Legos, and of course my Star Wars toys. The best of both worlds would have been Lego Star Wars, which of course, exist today. Lego Star Wars could have saved my parents, who had limited money to spare, quite a bit of money over the years. While my old Star Wars toys remain in storage as an investment for my children (or grandchildren, or great grandchildren), and all of my Legos are in the possession of my two boys (2 and 6) and were in the posssession of my stepson (now 15) before that.

Well, this evening I had an idea…I was wondering if I could find the plans for any of my old Lego sets online…and I did at I can't remember all of the sets that I owned–and most were rinky-dink small sets. But I did remember one spaceship, which I found. So I set to work trying to build that spaceship, and before long both of my boys were at my side helping me build. The six year old was truly a help, the two year old was simply building his own spaceship (it is all good).

The spaceship is the Starfleet Voyager (named years before the Star Trek show “Voyager,”) which came out in 1981, and I would have had that set when I was 9 or 10 years old. That would make the set over 30 years old. And although I did a good job picking up my Legos (into a large container) over the years, I know l lost Legos outside, in our shag carpet (it was the 1980s, just after the 70s), and I know my dad stepped on and then threw out a large number of legos over the years.

Well, we found about 90% of the pieces for the ship, and then added a few additional touches to the set from more recent Lego collections. I was pleasantly surprised to come across some of the original “Space Lego” symbol bricks, as well as to find the original spaceman that went with the ship. As of tomorrow, my six year old will begin playing with this ship, which will eventually be destroyed–and the chances that I–or anyone else–will ever try building this ship again is a rare chance indeed.

So tonight I am just enjoying this toy again–now in my 40s–and thankful to have been able to share in the experience with my son(s). I am including some pictures from the final product.





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