mi.1 wireless Bluetooth MIDI interface on sale now!

I missed this news earlier in the month, but the Quicco Sound mi.1 wireless MIDI interface for iOS devices is on sale now through Amazon for $45.00. If you want to work wirelessly from your keyboard to your iPad, and you have a keyboard with traditional MIDI ports, you can use the mi.1 between your keyboard and your iPad for use with apps such as GarageBand, Notion, and more. A future firmware update will allow the iPad to simply connect to the mi.1 using Apple's new Bluetooth LE MIDI standard that came packed with iOS 8 (I don't know of any other devices that are currently using this standard–but I will admit that I have to do,more research on the matter).

So, if you have a keyboard and don't want to be bothered by a wired connection, or you have a keyboard that doesn't have Core MIDI functionality, this $45 accessory might be a wonderful tool to have in your iOS arsenal (I would also lo see the functionality with Mac OS).