A New Case for My iPhone 6

I have had the Apple leather case on my iPhone 6 since I purchased it this past fall. This has been a big change for me, as I was used to having a Pad & Quill wallet case for my iPhone 5. It may seem awkward to have your phone connected to your wallet, but in my experience, the less number of things I have to carry in my pocket, the better.

I chose to not purchase the Pad & Quill Little Pocket Book case for my iPhone 6. My previous P&Q case didn't hold up to my use of the wallet/case, with the liner ripping that kept the credit cards apart. I also had a problem with the elastic band that held the case closed…that cord eventually stretched out, and I eventually had to cut it off. I never had any issues with the wood frame of my iPhone 5 P&Q case, as I did with an iPad P&Q case, so the P&Q did keep my iPhone 5 safe from damage over the two years I owned it.

About a month ago, Twelve South announced its Book Book wallet case for the iPhone 6 (and six plus). I ordered it as a Christmas gift for myself. Although I like the plain styling of the P&Q case versus the true “book” look of the Twelve South case, the Twelve South case had one specific feature that I loved–the ability to remove the inner plastic case (which looks very much like my Apple leather case for iPhone 6). There are rare times I don't want my full wallet/phone. At those times, however, I don't want to lose protection on my phone. So, the Twelve South Book Book seems like an ideal case.

The inner case is connected with little plastic “hooks” to the leather case. I need to see how these hooks hold up over time, and how Twelve South will respond if there are issues. But for now, I am very happy to have one item in my pocket, rather than two in separate pockets.

Don't get me wrong…I still like P&Q products, and had Twelve South not created a case with a removable inner case, I would have bought another P&Q–but I would have been easier on the credit card spaces (in my old P&Q, I would put 2 cards in the same slot from time to time, which is why I never contacted the company about the issue).

I am looking forward to using this new Twelve South case, and I will offer further thoughts on the case down the road.



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