iPads in Music Education v. 2.0 underway

I am about to start editing my electronic book, iPads in Music Education, and I expect to wrap up any updates by the end of December. As I look through the book as it exists, much remains the same, but there are some new apps and accesories, as well as a few more resources (such as Amy Burns' FREE electronic book, called “Help, I Am An Elementary Music Educator With One Or More iPads!”).

I know that I want to feature some of the wonderful new (since the last edition) apps such as NotateMe, and that I want to write a new sub chapter on accessibility. Of course, I will also include iOS 8–although I cannot personally use all of the iOS 8/OSX Yosemite features because my MacBook is too old.

I just wanted to ask you–as readers of techinmusiced.com–is there anything you would like me to discuss or cover in greater detail in the next edition? If you have thoughts, please feel free to send an e-mail to techinmusiced@ g m a i l.com (no spaces).

The plans are to leave any updates of the book free, at least until I hit the 5th year of the book; although new purchasers will have to pay for the book. So again, the update will be free for any existing owners of the book. That said, any apps purchased via the links in the book will help provide some continued financial income from the project.