A Little Bit About the Choral Director Magazine Article

This past September, I was contacted by Choral Director Magazine, who wanted to ask me some questions about integrating technology into the choral rehearsal. I was happy to answer their questions, and at the end of the interview, I was asked to provide a portrait for the cover of the magazine, and to send some pictures of my choirs using technology.

I wasn't expecting that. I had no idea that I was going to be on the cover of a magazine.

I am extremely honored to be featured in the October issue of Choral Director Magazine. I have been trying to be very quiet about it–but it is a tremendous affirmation that some of my recent career choices have been right for me. As Bach would have written…SDG!

A few other things:

  1. One of my processes have changed since the article. I no longer use Google Forms for collecting daily journal questions/writing prompts. Instead, I am using the Showbie App (paid version), which also allows me to include other kinds of tasks as “bell-ringer activities.”
  2. The actual cover photo was taken at Prescott High School, in their technology office (also the home of their video studio, thus the green screen). I had asked Apple if I could use a local Apple Store as the location of the photo, and was denied (I had contacted a VP who I have gotten to know over the years). I then asked a local Best Buy if I could use their store for a photo–and was told I could by a “manager.” The day we took the photo, I called Best Buy to let them know we were coming in–and was told that the “manager” that had granted permission was not a manager, and that Best Buy could not allow anyone to use their store for a photo without corporate permission. So I tried to call corporate headquarters to get quick approval–and all the Best Buy departments ask you to contact their departments through e-mail, and that they will get back to you on their availability. As a result, we had to find a back-up location where I could be pictured around technology–and thanks to Dallas Eggers, the Technology Director of the Prescott School District, we were able to take the picture. Thanks, too, to December Orpen (www.decemberorpenphotography.webs.com) for her flexibility in taking photos and arranging to take the pictures at Prescott High School. Incidentally, I am not shopping at Best Buy any more. Several employees lied to me, imitated being a manager, and then the person that told me the truth did not offer one ounce of compassion or willingness to help me in any way. I am writing a letter to the CEO of Best Buy about the issue. Had I simply been told, “No,” or “Contact Corporate,” originally, there would have been no later crisis.
  3. I purposely chose objects to be featured in the pictures. This included my iPad in its Gripcase, my Maglus Stylus, my AirTurn page turner, my JamStik, my MacBook, and my Akai L25 MIDI Controller. Several other devices could have been featured, but were (or are) still delayed in shipping/production such as the Miselu C.24 (still waiting) and Quicco Sound mi.1 (article to follow). We also scattered some other technology from the room into the photo (Chromebooks, some PCs, some monitor speakers, a video camera, and a light)
  4. I realize that I speak about “kids” a lot in the article, and I was attempting to speak in a very easy-to-understand way, thinking that I was simply providing information for an article; had I known that I was being interviewed for the “feature article,” I would not have been as informal as I was in the interview. Perhaps the more casual result is better.
  5. It would be exciting if the article led to some other opportunities in the future.

If you haven't seen the article, you can read it here.



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