Attention Minnesota Residents!

This coming Tuesday night (9/30), at 7pm, we are going to hold an organization on-line meeting for a Minnesota Chapter of TI:ME. We will be using Google Hangouts as a platform, which only supports 10 participants. Chances are that the leadership group for the state chapter won't be larger than that; but what we can do is broadcast the meeting and then also offer a Today's Meet for anyone watching the meeting to provide feedback and interact with the video hangout.

If anyone knows a mass online meeting tool that would work better, please let me know.

What we have to determine is: who will be the ten voices in the room. I have received a few e-mails from teachers interested in forming a state chapter (this doesn't mean that anyone is particularly interested in leadership, but simply being involved). I will be contacting them directly. Some people may not be able to meet on Tuesday night but may still want to be involved. Incidentally, a Google Hangout can be published for later viewing as well.

The agenda for the meeting will be:

  1. Reviewing the National TI:ME Guidelines for forming a Chapter
  2. Discussion of Chapter boundaries (MN only? North Central?)
  3. Officially starting a Chapter
  4. Election of Officers, even if temporary
  5. Discussion of next steps (events, meetings, schedule, etc.)

For the record, I don't need to be an officer. I do have some things that I would like to see a state chapter do:


  • Create a blog that would post offerings from state members. We would ask all state members to post at least one blog on a topic of their choice at least once a year.
  • Offer Saturday training sessions at various locations across the state. The Perpich Center used to host and organize these. I would like to see both EdCamp versions (teachers teach teacher) and focused training versions (which would require a registration fee and paying presenters)
  • Work with the MMEA to help them with any technology needs–from helping find or filter MMEA Mid-Winter Conference sessions to any other needs they might have. One of the challenges is that TI:ME's National Conference has been linked to TMEA, which is the same weekend as MMEA every year.
  • Ultimately, become a state community of like-minded, technology-using music teachers that have a way to interact with each other.
Some may wonder why a TI:ME group makes sense for the state. Simply put, we have a lot of other organizations in the state. Those other organizations, by nature, all use technology and technology resources, and they support the use of technology in music education. At the same time, those existing groups have broader purposes and simply cannot focus directly on technology.

TI:ME was originally organized by members of NAMM with the purpose of encouraging teachers to develop programs where students could be trained for the skills that are needed in non-Classical music. In other words, they wanted an organization that would foster the skills needed for contemportary music and music production. As TI:ME has grown, it has also become a place where music teachers who use technology in more “traditional” settings can connect and support each other.


I am hoping that you will consider joining us in our efforts to form a state chapter! I hope that you will either be able to join us in the Google Hangout, or watch the Google Hangout and interact via Today's Meet. I will post connection information here ( on Tuesday night at 6:45pm.

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