More about SmartMusic and Finale

Within 24 hours of an e-mail (and news update) from MakeMusic, an update to SmartMusic for the iPad was released to make the app compatible with SmartMusic files created by Finale 2014, as well as to add the ability to see fingering charts for notes on the iPad app.

Although I am not an expert, I am very familiar with SmartMusic, and it is getting safe to say that (for the student), there isn't much that the iPad app cannot do that desktop/notebook version can do. That's very exciting.

Included in this update is the end of SmartMusic incompatibility issues. In the past, you had to have the same version (in terms of release, versus actual “label”) of Finale as SmartMusic. Just as Finale will no longer have backwards compatibilty issues, neither will Finale-created SmartMusic files. Michael Good, creator of the MusicXML standard and a VP at MakeMusic wrote about this on his blog (which I cannot currently open, the server may be temporarily offline). In a tweet, Michael Good stated:

“MakeMusic's new universal file format comes to SmartMusic, restoring compatibilty with Finale 2014.”

I like the work that Michael Good has overseen this year, where the SmartMusic team has created backwards compatible formats, much like Mr. Good's prior (and contiuning) work with the MusicXML format.

Next on my “dream” wish list? For SmartMusic, pricing for choral students who don't use the same resources of band students, and for Finale, a utility that converts all of your old Finale .mus files (any age) into the new Finale format.


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