Another Blog to Follow: Coach4Technology

I am preparing for my sessions at the Wisconsin Center for Music Education next week (Monday and Tuesday are “Technology in Music Education” while Wednesday and Thursday are “iPad in Music Education”…you may still be able to register onsite if you are interested), and I was looking up information on Android.

A blog post popped up from Dr. David Brian Williams, Professor Emeritus of Music and Arts Technology at Illinois State University.  I had not previously known about his website, so I have added a link here at (again, I don’t mind if the only reason people visit the site is to get to other people’s websites).

If you would like to follow Dr. William’s work, you can do so at:

As always, if you know other webpages/blogs I should include, or if you find a dead link in my blogroll or books, please send me an e-mail!


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