MuseScore Player for iPad

Some time ago, there was a free MuseScore player for iPad available on the App Store. If memory serves correctly, the app was very basic and buggy, and the MuseScore team pulled the app.

In April, MuseScore released a new version of that app (perhaps a whole new app), which currently sells on the App Store for $5.99.

In many ways, the MuseScore Player for iPad is similar to Finale Songbook, which is a free app provided by SmartMusic. The MuseScore player allows you to access MuseScore files that you have created on your computer (you can e-mail them to yourself, or use the “open in” feature from another app, such as Dropbox) or files that have been shared on the MuseScore Community.

Once you are “in” the MuseScore app, you can play back a MuseScore file (audio), adjust what staves you see on the screen, adjust the tempo, turn on/off a metronome, and adjust the size of the music. From the scores I have imported, everything in the app works.

In comparison. Finale Songbook allows you to import PDF files, and offers much of the same functionality with Finale files as MuseScore player offers with MuseScore files. There is no annotation available in either app…something I requrire as a music educator. This isn't a demand for a feature, just an observation–and it may be impossible to add annotation to a reader, as the desktop version would also have to offer the feature.

Why would you want to buy this app? Quite simply, if you are a MuseScore user, it gives you the opportunity to take your MuseScore files with you. Consider the $5.99 cost of the app as a simple “Thank You” (They will receive the price of a cup of coffee from their 70% of the purchase price) to the MuseScore team that provides the actual MuseScore program (Windows/Mac/Linux) for free. You are contributing to the MuseScore cause by buying the app. MakeMusic can offer Finale SongBook for free as their desktop program is a paid program.

[Revised] MuseScore Player is also available on the Android and Kindle Fire platforms (Thank you to MuseScore for pointing this out).

If you are interested in purchasing the app, please consider using this referral link, which sends a percentage of the purchase price of the app my direction (from Apple's 30%, not MuseScore's 70%).

Note: I was provided with a promo code for the MuseScore Player for iPad, which is greatly appreciated.



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