Every now and then, I get promotional e-mails from various websites or services.  They are looking for–wisely–promotion for their product.

I have been receiving a steady stream of e-mails from a company that is attempting to fund its services via a Kickstarter campaign (looking to raise $20,000, I believe), called MyMuCo.

The idea behind MyMuCo is to be a socially-based (interaction between student, parents, and teachers) learning management system for music.  You can watch the introduction video and get the jist of the product.

I do not support or endorse this product, nor do I have anything against it.  I leave the resources provided by the company for you to make your own mind as to whether you would like to support their Kickstarter campaign or not.

MyMuCo Teacher App Demonstration:

MyMuCo Kids App Demonstration:




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