Another choral tech blog to follow

I just wanted to post a short message about a new blog that you can follow by my colleague in New Jersey, Barbara Retzko.  Barbara has served at the high school and collegiate levels in recent years, and also has served as a member on the New Jersey ACDA Board of Directors.   Barbara and I have been working together–via distance [e-mail]–to support her various technology initiatives over the past few years.

She is blogging about her experiences (staring with past articles that she has written for the NJ-ACDA), and I’d like to invite you to follow her work:

When it comes down to it, the number of music educators who actively blog about their use of technology is very small.  I think many teachers think that what they are doing isn’t good enough to write about, or of interest to anyone else.  I encourage you to put that thought aside; there are many people who want to read about what you are doing with technology in your classes and how you are doing it.  So, follow Barbara’s lead, and start a blog!

And if you know other blogs that I should be including, please let me know so I can include them in the blog roll (which appears on the left hand side of the webpage on a computer, and on the bottom of the screen on a portable device).


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