The Fujitsu ScanScap SV600: Update

I continue to scan music with our new scanner, and I have two additional tips;

  1. When scanning a larger score (band/orchestra), it helps to buy a piece of plexiglass to put over the pages to keep them flat. There can be glare caused by the plexiglass on a reflective surface (think the colored cover of a band score), and in that case, you can remove the plexiglass and scan with it. With the exception of the cover page of a score, I am using a sheet of plexiglass on nearly every scan, as I have noticed that to software does a much better job of picking up the corners on scanned pages (previously I had to make more adjustments of black seeping into corners). I do not notice the scanning glare having any impact on musical scores themselves. As with all scans, the resulting image is directly related to the quality of the image that was scanned.
  2. I am now scanning everyting in landscape mode, and then using the software to turn pages. Middle school band literature averages about 30 pages (including conductor scores) per song.
  3. I am taking the time to save each band song in a folder, both as a complete score (conductor scores and parts) and as individual parts. It takes longer to save these files by instrument than it does to scan. One tip: I use Preview (Mac) to copy parts out of the master file (Command + C), then make a new file (Command + N), save the file (Command + S), and then close the file (Command + W). When you follow this process, there is very little clicking. With the first file (often the conductor's score), I create a new folder–and all my next saves go into the same folder. To save time with parts, as I am prompted to save each new file, I select and existing part, double click (or click and drag) the part name I want to replace, and then type over it. This way, I do not have to type the title of the song for each part. Example: If I have saved “American Rhapsody Flute,” I can click that file when I want to save the Oboe part, double click “Flute” and then type “Oboe.” If this is confusing, I can make a video of this later.
  4. The video below shows my new hints with the SV600. It is nice to be able to finally scan larger sized documents. My Canon P-150 is better for choral music (but requires you to cut the music), whereas the SV600 is non-destructive.



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