The Maglus Stylus (with microfiber tip)

I wrote and blogged a little about this the other day, but I wanted to follow up on this topic.

I am very pleased to announce that the makers of my favorite stylus, Applydea, has finally released a microfiber tip for the Maglus stylus. The Maglus came out some time ago, and I have blogged about it in the past. It is shaped like a drafting pencil, which allows you to hold it like a pencil or as a pen. It also has a magnet that allows you to attach the stylus to your iPad or Smart Cover, and it has an interchangeable tip.

I have actually owned two Maglus styluses in the past years. The first was a v. 1.0 release–the rubber tip eventually ripped, and the rubber sides fell off, releasing the magnets. I wrote the company and was given a discount to purchase the current generation Maglus, with the interchangeable tip. That stylus (and its rubber tip) are still going strong.

The problem–for me–was the rubber tip that comes with the Maglus. The rubber tip works, but once you have used a microfiber stylus, you don't want to go back to a rubber-tipped stylus ever again. I have been using the Boxwave Evertouch Capacitve Stylus (microfiber tip), the Wow 4-in-1 stylus (microfiber tip), or my Adonit Jot Pro (plastic disc tip) in the past months and have avoided all rubber-tipped styluses.

I had bothered the folks at Applydea for some time, requesting a microfiber tip, and I certianly won't take credit for their eventual release of that tip (others asked, too). But they did respond that one was in development, and lo and behold, it is now available. I love the fact that you can replace the tip–microfiber can wear out in time, and with other styluses, you simply have to throw them away.

How does it work? Just as you would expect. It works wonderfully for anything that you would use a stylus for. If you need ultra-precision, you will still want the Adonit Jot or a Bluetooth stylus (if you have an app that allows for that stylus), but for any other task, I really feel the Maglus is the best stylus on the market. Sadly, you have to buy a Maglus with the rubber tip and then the microfiber tip, and by the time you are done shopping, you will have invested $36 in the stylus and $10 in the tip. But you will undoubtedly be purchasing the best microfiber stylus on the market–with a better quality tip and more flexibility (think about the shape of the drafting pencil) than any other microfiber stylus. You can buy four or five Boxwave styluses for the price of one Maglus, but I really do believe the stylus is worth it. They also have a black stylus (I purchased one…all of my iOS devices are black) and a mini Maglus.

If you choose to buy a Maglus, I do have a rewards account for referrals, and you are invited to use this code to get a 10% discount, and I will earn a 10% referral bonus for your order (with which I will likely use to buy more products from Applydea). If you are so inclined, the referral website is

I recommend the Maglus from the perspective of an owner who has bought three of them out of my own pocket –not with the hopes of making a million dollars from the affiliate link above.



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