The Perfect Stylus?

As an iPad user, I am always on the search for the best stylus.  Although I have tried many styluses, I have settled on a few in my daily life:

  • The Boxwave Evertouch Capacitive Stylus (usually around $10 on Amazon)
  • The Adonit Jot (Pro)
I loved the Maglus Stylus, but I find that rubber-tipped styluses let me down.  I have also used Pencil by Fifty-Three, and that device is also rubber-tipped and the Bluetooth feature only works with their single app.  I have not tried any of the other Bluetooth styluses on the market.
The other day I received an e-mail from Applydea, the creators of the stylus.  They now sell a fiber mesh tip for the existing Maglus stylus (if you have a removable tip), as well as a black anodized version.  They also offered a free fiber mesh tip to existing owners of the Maglus.
I instantly bought a second fiber mesh tip and a black Maglus.  These items arrived today, and I couldn’t be happier.  Until the fiber mesh stylus came into my life, the Maglus was my favorite stylus.  I love its weight and design–like a drafting pencil, which allows you to hold it like a pencial or a marker.
I’m only a few hours into ownership, but I may have finally come across the best non-Bluetooth stylus on the market–the Maglus stylus with the fiber mesh tip.  It’s the best of both worlds.  And I am very happy because I had e-mailed the company about the possibility of a fiber mesh tip some time ago (I’m sure I’m not the only one), and they have delivered.  When the Maglus arrives, you’ll be blown away by its packaging (there’s a magnet in the box!).  My only complaint?  I wish you could buy the Maglus with the tip of your choice.
The other fantastic element of the Maglus is that the tip is easily replaceable…so if your rubber tip breaks (this happened with my Maglus 1.0, which did not have a removable tip–the rubber “sides of that 1.0 stylus also fell off), you can replace it, or if your fiber mesh tip wears out or tears, you can replace it.  In the spirit of honesty, because of my problems with Maglus 1.0, Applydea gave me a discount (10%?  I can’t remember) on the Maglus 2.0, which I am still using (and is now outfitted with the fiber mesh tip).
Of course, I’ll need to use my Magluses over the next days to give a full accounting for this stylus, but I think I’ve finally found the non-Bluetooth stylus that I’ve been looking for.  I recommend this stylus.

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