Notion 4 (Mac/PC) on Sale for 50% Off

I continue to be busy with our basement (we’re staining doors, installing plumbing, and the like), and haven’t had a lot of time to blog.  First, a very happy birthday to my now 6 year old son, Andy!

Now to the news that might matter to you: Notion 4 is 50% off right now, selling for under $50.  Notion (now owned by PreSonus) made quite a splash when Notion 4 was released at $99 (originally a $400 product).  As a Finale user, I purchased Notion 4 primarily for my interactions with Notion on the iPad (also a wonderful app), and I haven’t been disappointed at all in my purchase of Notion 4.  Although I do most of my main editing with Finale, there are some things that Notion does very well (I love that you can swap voices for parts of a measure rather than a full measure, as scanned songs often mess up part of a measure; and I think Notion’s stock sounds are incredible).

So, I think the combined purchase of Notion 4 and Notion for the iPad makes a lot of sense; especially at this price point.  I believe that the sale runs until the end of May (and no, I do not receive any financial incentives for mentioning this sale).  If you don’t have Notion, and have been wanting to buy it…this is the time to do so.


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