Keynote for iOS gets better for education

Apple released an update for Keynote and several other iWork iOS apps today. When Keynote for iOS was first demonstrated, it had a feature that allowed for annotation, which would be a wonderful tool for education. This is demonstrated in this old video:

The feature didn't make it to the released version of Keynote, for three full years. I even wrote to Tim Cook about the feature and even expressed the importance of the feature to some staff people at Apple.

I'm not saying that I caused this (these discussions were over 2 years ago), but the annotation feature made it to Keynote today. You activate the feature by tapping and holding (which used to bring up a laser pointer) while in presentation mode. If you stay in annotation model your notes stay visible, and if you want to clear the slide, tap and hold the undo button.

Paired with an accurate stylus, such as the Adonit Jot, this feature will forever change the usefulness of Keynote for iOS, which was already my favorite tool to use for presentations. What is even more amazing is that Keynote is now free with the purchase of a new iPad (or iOS device).

The next things on my “Apple to fix list?”

  1. Make audio open on the device. Allow me to import and export from my iPad's audio library (and between apps)
  2. Allow me to embed audio clips into a Keynote presentation (page by page vs. background music which can already be embedded) on iOS.
  3. Allow for in-app purchases with school iTunes accounts (institutional purchase).
  4. Allow screencasting with an iPad without having to mirror via Reflector or Air Server. My one app that allowed this no longer works on iOS 7.1.

Do you see how short that list is getting?



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