Recorder Interactive: A Magical Method

In late January, Dr. Joanna Sisk-Purvis self-published a recorder book on the iBookstore, entitled “Recorder Interactive: A Magical Method.” The book currently sells for $7.99, and includes over 30 songs. Most songs have two accompaniment tracks (recorder melody and accompaniment), and most pages have interactive material. The book is intended to teach over an octave of notes plus basic playing techniques.

I love this approach, because it makes iBooks into an “app” without needing to know how to program in Objective C and Cocoa Touch computer languages (how iOS apps are created).

Dr. Sisk-Purvis has done a great job in creating this book, and remember, just like the App Store, 70% of a book purchase goes back to the author (of course, as an author, you do have to report this income on your taxes at the end of the year, so a good portion of that goes to your state and local government as well). When you buy Dr. Sisk-Purvis' book, you are buying her a cup of coffee and part of a muffin. Support your independent iBook Authors! Elementary teachers who teach recorder, this is a book for you (which can be mirrored to a screnn for class use) written by a colleague!

Also be sure to check out Dr. Sisk-Purvis' blog.

I will be listing this as a recorder resource in the (short) chapter about recorder on my book about iPads and Music Education on the iBookstore (in the next update which I have not yet started–I am waiting for a bit more new material before starting the update).


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