Lesson on using Hokusai Audio Editor and Google Drive to make a recording

As I have written about in the past, I have been trying to find a way to have my students record themselves over an existing audio track for assessment and portfolio purposes (we will use them for Student Led Conferences as evidence of what they do in choir).

We held our mid-year concert last week Monday (the middle school concert season is much relaxed versus my old high school concert season), and it is time for my students to do some assessments regarding their performance of their music–and to prove their mastery over the content.

We are going to take a few weeks away from choral singing to take advantage of the iPads at our school, learning a lot about music and technology in the process.  In late February (we meet every other day) we will get back into the choral music again, but for now we are going to be doing some sessions on audio recording, writing music, and GarageBand.  In the process we will be utilizing free apps, including Hokusai Audio Editor, Google Drive (We are a Google Apps for Education District), PiaScore, NotateMe Now, and GarageBand (new free edition).

The following handout and video represent the days I spent teaching how to use Hokusai Audio Editor.  I made the video because some students are absent, and others just tune out in class, so they can “flip” the experience and learn from home.  I also provide written guidance–but I think students will be more likely to watch than to read.

If any of these concepts are useful, please feel free to use them.  You could do this process with a small handful of iPads if you have recording space in your school.  My school does not have practice rooms for the choir program, so students have to do their recordings at home.

I also have students submit work via a Google Form when they are finished–this works great for me and I will blog about this in the future (it wasn’t my idea).

So…without further adieu…here is how I taught my students to use Hokusai Audio Editor to make a recording over an existing audio file in conjunction with Google Drive and PiaScore.

Post-Concert Recording Project (PDF – Step-by-Step instructions and assessment)

The next lessons I will post are on music notation and NotateMe.

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