Lesson #1 using NotateMe Now

I am going to be using NotateMe Now, a free app, to teach my students how to write music notation, as well as to teach them about the elements of music, and to get them composing.  This is the first in a series of planned lessons that I will teach.  I am providing video lessons for students who miss class, or who need to review what I have taught (a.k.a. “flipping”) at home when they are working on assignments.  My concept is to have most students do this work in class, but some classes move more slowly than others.

I am also providing detailed notes for each lesson.  These are all provided to students via a shared Google Folder, and they are also available on my Google website for students.

I talk about submitting the two assignments for this lesson via a Google Form–this is a way for me to have students share their work with me, and for me to stay on top of their submissions.  If they simply drop their work into a folder, I can’t possibly remember what I have corrected or what needs to be corrected.  The Google Form allows me to see who has turned in work, when they have turned in work, to be able to see the work, and to be able to hide the rows of assignments I have already graded.

These lessons are intended for middle school students in grade 6-8, in a 1:1 iPad school where all students are moving at about the same level when it comes to basic concepts in music.  In future years, I will have to add additional content and build on existing skills.  But since we are a first year 1:1 iPad school, all of the students move at about the same pace for technology.

I am working through Boxwave to buy 50 Evertouch capacitive styluses for my students to use; I hope they arrive next week.

As always, feel free to use what works for you, and leave behind what doesn’t.

Addendum: A large number of students “didn’t get” the lesson…but in truth, most “didn’t even try,” even having the lesson and notes in video format.  I used the second day of this material to ask for student volunteers and to work through the Assignment Checklist, which appears in the PDF document below.

The notes/handout was created using Notability.

NotateMe Now Lesson #1 Assignment and Checklist (PDF)