A new quote I coined this morning…

This morning I was thinking about a presentation I am going to give in a week entitled, “Don't Forget the Electives,” which will focus on how different technology initiatives impact the elective subjects.

Many integration efforts are based around keyboards. You often read, “We needed a device with a keyboard.”

Okay, I'll buy that…but if that is the case, then here is my new “coined” quote:

If keyboards are so important, why are schools universally eliminating keyboarding/typing courses when they should be mandatory?

I don't buy that kids become naturally proficient with QWERTY keyboards because they are digital natives, and there aren't enough activities in elementary school that build those skills. I think we have encourgaged a generation of hunt-and-peck typists.

How in the world can a keyboard be so important if all we truly teach is hunt-and-peck?



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