Symphony Pro has been updated…

Symphony Pro, one of the music notation solutions for the iPad (actually the first) has been updated today. It is currently selling for $9.99. I have not looked at the update yet, but will do so later this evening,

At any rate, when it comes to music notation on the iPad, I would suggest the purchase of Notion for iPad, currently selling for $14.99. Notion has been far more stable for me, and interacts well with other notation programs such as Finale, Sibelius, and MuseScore via MusicXML, plus you have better sounds (as good as a desktop program with premium sounds) with Notion.

If you are interested in music notation, and are interested in a different for a, check out NotateMe, which converts written notation to digital notation, and also allows for export to MusicXML (and will eventually allow import, too). NotateMe has started going up in price and now sells for $21.99 (25% off of what will eventually be “full” price.

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