Another Update to NotateMe

For the past weeks, I have been writing about NotateMe, an iOS and Android App that allows you to write music by hand, and converts the handwritten music to digital music notation, which can be played in the app, viewed as music in the app, or exported as a MusicXML file to be used in Finale, Sibelius, Notion, or MuseScore.

NotateMe pushed out yet another update this evening, now allowing for PDF export and even more functionality.

The “official” update states:


I find traditional notation programs, such as Notion on the iPad and Finale on my Mac, to be faster to use than the interface of NotateMe, but for the teacher or student wishing to quickly write out an exercise without dealing with the larger issue of learning a software program, NotateMe is incredible. I look forward to NotateMe's future abilities of scanning sheet music and digitizing it. NotateMe is made by Neuratron, who is my favorite provider or music OCR software, PhotoScore. I believe it will be easier to adjust scanning accuracy by hand with NotateMe than it is to do so with PhotoScore–so I am very much looking forward to that ability. Neuratron's customer support has been outstanding with the app.

NotateMe is still at a discounted price in the App Store. Neuratron promises to raise the cost eventually, so if you haven't bought the app, you might want to do so sooner than later (additional functions, such as scanning, will be an additional in-app purchase).


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