1DollarScan and AirTurn

Hugh Sung, co-founder of the AirTurn Bluetooth foot pedal, interviewed Ryan Brusuelas, VP of Marketing and Business Development at 1DollarScan this past Saturday.

If you have the time, watch the show as there is a great deal of discussion about digital music, why to concert to digital music, and various methodologies to move to digital music.


Watching the interview, it becomes clear that AirTurn and its users have helped 1DollarScan to change their approach towards sheet music. In the past, 1DollarScan would consider sheet music as business documents, charging $1.00 per 10 pages of music. With the influence of AirTurn, 1DollarScan will now allow you to scan 100 pages of sheet music for $1.00. This means the ability to scan 10 choral octavos, or an entire Band Set, for $1.00 versus $10.00. You do need to mention AirTurn as you place your order and remember that originals are destroyed and recycled. Additional services are offered such as page straightening and higher dpi scanning, at $2 per copy.

I am using 1DollarScan to process vocal books at my (new) school and I have been very happy with the results (using the standard 300 dpi scan). For individual choral octavos, I still prefer to use my Canon P-150 scanner, as I can scan a single piece in under a minute with extremely good results.

I continue to appreciate Hugh Sung's humor…as he mentioned in his book, he reminded viewers of the AirTurn show that the best way to start scanning is like eating an elephant…one bite at a time. You scan what you need first, and slowly add scans until you scan your complete library. That might be through 1DollarScan, your own scanning, or a combination of the two.

In closing, it's the news about sheet music being treated like a book versus a document that is really exciting. You may also want to go to airturn.com to see their new tablet mounts, meant to hold iPads in all kinds of cases, including heavy-duty cases like the Griffin Survivor used at our school.



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