PreSonus titles 50% off through December 2

I'll make this quick: PreSonus bought Notion this past year. Notion makes a few different notation products, including Notion 4 for Mac/Windows and Notion for the iPad.

Notion 4 came out about a year ago, and broke a price barrier at $99–it was a $250 in its previous version.

This means that you can buy Notion (new) and Notion for the iPad for less than the price of a Sibelius or Finale upgrade.

Well, for the next few days, Notion is $50 as part of PreSonus's Black Friday sale.

This is a heck of a bargain. Even if you own another product (or even MuseScore), this is a price point that is worth taking advantage of.

Here are a few reasons you might want to consider this program for your computer (even if you own another music notation product):

  • Interaction with the iPad app; some things you do on the computer version can be brought into the iPad app, even if you can't do them on the iPad app (yet).
  • MusicXML. Anything you make can be exported into another program, or brought into Notion.
  • Great sounds. It's the London Symphony Orchestra.
  • N Tempo: some musicals use Notion as an accompaniment orchestra (or to fill-in parts) with the N Tempo function. Canned performance? Maybe. But you can control the performance as a human.
  • Learning another notation system. There is a lot that Notion doesn't have compared to Sibelius or Finale, but there are little things that Notion does incredibly well (As a Finale user, I love being able to flip voices in a segment of a measure). The note value keys make sense (Q=Quarter). And Notion handled my new Casio Privia keyboard whereas my other programs did not.
  • Their customer support is very good.

Sure, you can download MuseScore for free; The sounds you get are worth the purchase price alone. O recommend Notion, particuarly at this price point, and if you're on the fence, give it a try!


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