New Stylus: The WOW 4 in 1 from Kmart

Last night, as I was in Ames, Iowa without my family, I had to run to the store to buy some things. As I previously mentioned in another post, my voice has been gone since Wednesday night, and I needed to get some things to help my voice (some sugar free Ricola lozenges, for example). The Kmart in Ames in very near the hotel, so it was my first stop. I was also looking for a multi-function USB cable, so that in the future I could travel without a lot of extra cables. I actually left a lot of equipment at home for this trip, and for the first time in nine months of use, my AirTurn foot pedal had no battery power, and I did not have a Mini-USB cable with me.

Well, I stopped at the Kmart electronics department and did not find the multi-function USB cable, but I did trip upon this stylus:

Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 8.34.32 PM


I had purchased a wonderful handmade wooden stylus with a pen tip on one side, and a rubber stylus on the other two years ago, and the rubber tip had long developed a crack making the stylus part unusable. So I have been looking for a pen stylus, and this one interested me.

Most importantly, it has a fiber mesh tip. Although you can buy styluses with smaller tips (e.g. the Hand stylus) or a clear tip (the Adonit Jot), or Bluetooth Styluses, I have found that Fiber Mesh styluses give me the best experience on the iPad (granted, I have not tried Bluetooth styluses). I still thank Sarah Mayer for exposing me to fiber mesh styluses last year at TI:ME/TMEA.

At any rate, I like how the WOW 4 in 1 stylus works; it has a fiber mesh stylus cap that goes over the pen (which guarantees you won't write on your iPad), and the tip operates as well as any other fiber mesh stylus I have–although I have only been using it one day. It also has a laser pointer and a flashlight–something I'm not bound to use that often, but for a $11 stylus (it was a bit less expensive at Kmart), I'll take them as an added bonus.

So, if you need a stylus, you can purchase this one online (they also have other models of fiber mesh styluses by Wow), or visit your local Kmart. I worked at Kmart from 1989-2004, it is amazing how much the place has changed over the years.

As a side note, I did not find my desired USB cable at Kmart or even Best Buy, I found it at Walmart for $15. And there were no fiber mesh styluses available at Best Buy or Walmart (although Best Buy does sell the Wacom Bluetooth Stylus for $100).



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