Sessions at the 2013 IMEA (Iowa) Professional Development Conference

On Saturday, November 23rd (Tomorrow), I am presenting three sessions on technology in music education.

The first is at 8:30 (Room 160) entitled, “Chromebooks in Music Education.” This is my first presentation on the Chromebook.

The second is at 1:00 (Room 160), entitled, “The Latest Trends with iPads in Music Education.” This is another new presentation for me, focsuing on the latest news in the iPad world.

The final presentation is at 2:00 (again, in Room 160), entitled, “Navigating the Pitfalls of iPads in Music Education.” Again, this is a new presentation, based on my own experiences and observations of iPads in Music Education since it was released originally in 2010.

If you are a praying person, I could use some prayer–I was hit by a bug (illness) this week, and lost my voice on Wednesday–and it still isn't back. I even took today off of school because of the illness. I'm still here and I'm going to present somehow, but I'm not quite sure how. Yes…I'm doing all those things such as gargling with salt water, drinking fluids, and drinking non-caffinated tea. I've lost my voice before, but never this completely for so long…so prayers for me to make it through tomorrow…and for the sessions to be valuable to those who attend…would be appreciated.


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