Another Crowd-Funded Music Notation Project — Symphony Pen

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a developer in the Republic of Korea who has created another handwriting recognition app for music notation, called “Symphony Pen.” You can find the Indiegogo project here:

The developer is looking for $20,000 of funds, and is apparently planning to sell the app for $50 on iPad or Android, and $70 for Mac. These are really expensive price points, keeping in mind that Notion (music notation) is $16 and NotateMe will be $30 (currently $14).

In the video, Symphony Pen appears to work in a similar way to NotateMe. Symphony Pen seems to only have one feature that seems better than NotateMe: an eraser to erase mistakes versus a lesso. The app is scheduled to ship in September 2014, which is a long time away.

In other news, ThinkMusicTechnology has regrouped on their app and is now shooting for a Spring release (they had intended to offer their app this fall).

In both cases, this gives Neuratron (the makers of NotateMe) the opportunity to become the dominant player in the somewhat limited field of handwritten music notation on the iPad (and Android), making it even harder for these new apps to find their place in the App Store. And Neuratron has plans to bring scanning and audio recognition to NotateMe in the near future.

I wish Mr. Moon (the developer of Symphony Pen) and ThinkMusicTechnology the best, but their apps will enter a segment of the market that is already satisfied with an app that works well. What disruptive technology can they bring that NotateMe doesn't already offer? It will be interesting to find out!





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