iReal Pro has arrived!


iReal b has been an app that has been available for years in the app store, predating the iPad.  iReal b shows chord progressions to songs and can also provide an accompaniment.  Think of it as a fake book without lyrics but the ability to play along with you.  Many music educators have been searching for a “Band-in-a-Box” alternative for iOS, and iReal b is the best option available.  In the past, they provided a large library, but there were some legal issues with that, so if you are looking for songs you can download them from their forum.  You can also create your own chord sequences.  Many music educators love to use iReal b with their jazz ensembles, using the accompaniments to teach improvisation.

iReal b was updated today–and it is now known as iReal Pro.  it is a huge update that reflects the design of iOS 7.

Here is a link to the iOS app ($7.99 US): (referral link):

It can also be purchased for the Mac: (referral app):

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that iReal Pro was also available for Android, which it is.


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