Change in the blog (links)

I just wanted everyone to know that I have registered to be an Apple Affiliate, meaning that if you purchase an app or iBook with a link from techinmusiced, I will receive a commission on that sale.  I am not sure what the commission will be (I am happy to report back).

Ultimately, if I earn more than $30 commission in a year, I will then pay to have WordPress remove the ads they include for hosting this blog for free.

Expect all of the links to apps and books in the iBookstore on techinmusiced to have the affiliate extension added from this point on.

I will not include these links in my books on the iBookstore (there are app lists), unless the links end up being more profitable than selling the books directly.  In that case, I would make the books free.

I believe in honestly about these sorts of things, so I will be happy to report back at a later time how the affiliate process is going.  

(Note: It appears that the commission is 7% which isn’t bad at all; we will see where this goes).


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