A blog post you have to read

I am 100% in agreement with Roger Whaley’s latest blogpost about Chromebooks in Education.

His one missing argument for Chromebooks is cost, where a Chromebook can be purchased for $200 where the only iPad you should be buying right now is the 32GB 4th Generation iPad starting at $599.

I’d add that the Chromebook, in my personal use, hasn’t lasted all day long by any means of the imagination.  That said, I’m also seeing plenty of iPads not making it through the day in our 1:1 iPad implementation, but that can be attributed to students failing to charge them overnight and playing games on them throughout the day.

And although I use Google Apps (I will be writing more about this later), I’m still not sold that I like how they appear.  I love collaboration with Google Apps, but using Google Apps is a bit of a let down.  I wonder what the impact of free iCloud iWork apps, as well as free iOS iWork apps (from this point forward) will have on Google Apps?  I can tell you which programs I would rather use.

I’ve been hearing rumors of a Chromebook Tablet that is coming in the future; perhaps that will change my mind about the place of Chromebooks in education (I do think they have a place, but I would argue against Chromebooks in a 1:1 setting).  Anyway…good thoughts from Roger today…go read them if you haven’t already.



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