My Interactive Book (iPads in Music Education) and iOS 7

I’m going to update my interactive book in the future (likely after the announcement of the next iPads, or better, after their release).  The book is for iPads (and soon Macs) only, and can be purchased here:

I had originally planned an update after iOS 7, but it is  clear that an update is not immediately needed.

The biggest thing that has changed, really, between my current edition of my interactive book (centered on iOS 6) and iOS 7 is control center.

Instead of pressing the home button and swiping to the right to get to AirPlay, dimming, and audio controls, you now do all of that through control center by swiping up on the iPad.

Spotlight search is different (now a swipe down on any “home” screen of apps–but not from the edge, or you will pull up notifications), there is a blue “jelly” next to any app that has been updated (important as apps self-update), and there is a unified search bar/URL bar in Safari.  Oh…and folders now hold unlimited apps, but only show nine at a time (I don’t “get” this on the iPad).

And other than an interface that looks completely different, iOS 7 works just the same–so everything else in the interactive book still holds true.  That isn’t even a chapter’s worth of operational changes.

Additionally, the iPad’s greatest flaw (access to writing to the music library of the iPad) still remains (to my great frustration).

I personally wonder if we will see any updates to iOS 7 specifically for iPads at the iPad event which should occur next month.  We shall see.


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