Now Using iOS 7

We now have three of our six iOS 7 compatible devices running iOS 7. Overall, I am very happy with the changes, although the new icons and fonts take some getting used to. The new swipe-up control center is great and will save a lot of people a lot of time. I noticed that the phone version of iOS also includes a flashlight and a calculator! Quick switching makes much more sense. the new method uses cards like Web OS, an approach that must be public domain or FRAND (fair pricing for common patents). You even flick a screen up to close an app. I know a number of Android fans will smugly say Apple is copying Android with some of these changes, and that they would want greater levels of customization. I'd say that some copying probably does occur from Apple's side (just as the entire Android OS is based on the original iPhone) , but that the average user doesn't really need the levels of customization that (advanced) Android users desire–and the truth is that those Android users wouldn't buy an iPhone anyway…they would move to a Windows phone just to avoid Apple products.

Additonally, iOS 7 is working great on our iPhone 5 models, as well as on my 4th generation iPad. It is hard to wrap my mind around how fast the iPhone 5s must be. John Gruber mentioned that the iPhone 5s is faster than a five-year old MacBook Pro in many regards (and my current MacBook is a five-year old MacBook Pro [it is really the Aluminum Unibody MacBook that was rebranded as a MacBook Pro in mid 2009]. Just imagine how fast the next iPad will be! Wow!

There are three areas where iOS 7 is a disappointment.

  1. On the iPad, only 9 apps show at a time in a folder, although you can have multiple screens.
  2. You still can't save audio to the music library. This is a major disappointment for music educators.
  3. AirDrop doesn't work with Mac computers–that would have been an incredible feature.

All three of these could be easily addressed by Apple in an incremental update, perhaps the update that will follow the new iPads this fall.


Like every other iOS blogger, I can't see any reason why you would want to wait to upgrade, although Audiobus recommended against it based on some musical compatibility issues. The apps I use in my life don't rely on those features/interactions–so iOS 7 is just about perfect on my devices.


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