Apple’s September 10th Event (2013)

Today Apple held its September 10th iPhone event, and nearly everything that I had come across from reputable sources turned out to be true.

iOS 7 comes out next Wednesday (the 18th), and orders for the new iPhones…the 5c and 5s…begin in the next weeks. iWork apps will be free on all new iOS devices.

I am looking forward to putting iOS 7 on my iPad, and I have a lot of questions that have not been answered, and will not be answered until we actually have iOS 7 “on hand.”

iOS 7 is promising a lot of features for education that are yet unclear as to how they will be handled (e.g. controlling a classroom set of iPads from a teacher iPad). I also want to know if the “lock” on saving music to the music player “storage” on the iPad has been removed. I would also like to see annotation in Keynote, as well as the ability to add audio to Keynote presentations.

As for the phones, my wife and I will be skipping the 5C and 5S, unless we purchase an iPhone for our thirteen year old son (we probably won't). The improvements are significant…a phone 2x as fast as the iPhone 5 is a fast phone; 64 bit processing is a big thing in terms of performance, and I would actually use the fingerprint sensor for my phone (I am one of the many users who does not have a lock code on my devices). A better camera (same resolution but better sensor) is also included. But we have a year to wait until our contracts are fulfilled, and we can wait for these items on our phones.

On an iPad, these things are another matter altogether. My iPad is my workhorse most of the time (even as I write this blog post). I do have to use my MacBook for some things, such as scanning music and music recognition software. But I quite literally do everything else on my iPad.

A speed increase of 2x on my iPad would be significant, and it would impact how I use my device. And the fingerprint sensor would be a welcome development.

Most interesting, however is a potential 64 bit processor for the iPad–this is significant because it means that eventually Apple will require a 64 bit processor to upgrade to the next version of iOS. Perhaps iOS 8 will avoid this, but I would wager that iOS 9 will require a 64 bit processor. So…my advice for a device at this point changes…I would not recommend an iPad of any kind unless it has a 64 bit processor, which we should see this fall. If you were planning on buying an iPad, I would wait. I could be wrong about this, and if the next iPad comes out without the 64 bit processor, feel free to buy it. But if we see such an iPad this fall…likely late October or early November…your wait will be rewarded with a device that should be upgradable through iOS 10.


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