Two items: SmartMusic and PTfME (my first book) updates!

I have two items to share this evening.

First, MakeMusic released the latest version of SmartMusic for computers this afternoon. This version allows for three types of subscriptions: educator, student, and practice room. If you have an educator or student subscription, you may use any computer that has SmartMusic installed. There is no longer a limit of one computer per subscription–although you can only use your subscription in one place at a time. The practice room subscription must be “pinned” to a location…allowing anyone with a SmartMusic account to use the program.

If that sounds confusing, the new practice room subscription follows the old subscription plan: a computer is authorized versus the user being authorized to use the subscription. It looks like you can choose where to “pin” that subscription, allowing you to move it from a computer to an iPad if necessary (or vice versa).

I believe that current pricing is: $140 educator, $40 student, $44 practice room.

Here is more about SmartMusic (link), directly from MakeMusic.

By the way, this is NOT the new version of SmartMusic for iPad that will allow for student assignments…that is coming soon.

The second bit of news is that the new edition of my first interactive book on the iBookstore, has been approved by Apple. The book is called “Practical Technology for Music Education,” and should be a free update for anyone that has previously purchased the book. The book is now $9.99, reflecting my plans to continue to update the book rather than to sell different editions of the book. In the long run, that still translates to about $5.00 per book after Apple’s 30% and taxes.

If you haven’t purchased that book, you can purchase it in iBooks here:

New features include a portrait-only orientation, corrections, and new chapters on Chromebooks and Android devices. I did remove some of the iOS information in the book, such as the iOS tips and tricks and the gigantic app lists–but there are still plenty of app recommendations and lists for each of the major devices listed in the book.

The joy of writing these interactive books is that no project is ever “finished.” I’m sure there are errors in the book, and as I find them, I will fix them. As always, feel free to e-mail with corrections, product tips, and so on.

If you are looking for an iOS (iPad) focused book, I would suggest my other work from this past summer, iPads in Music Education.


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