Another Follow-Up on 1DollarScan

So far, I have sent fourteen “sets” or 10 books (100 pages in a book equals a set) to 1DollarScan for scanning. The first order of 4 sets was actually scanned one day in advance; the second set of 10 sets was actually five days late. In all cases, I am happy with the quality of the scans, and I have no rush to get these scans back. You can buy a platinum membership that throws in a number of services for free and also adds priority scanning–but for me, the $1 per 100 pages works just fine. I can rename files if necessary, and I can find a PDF program that can straighten a skewed image (so far, all of the scans have been straight, or as straight as the book).

As I've said in previous posts, if I have choral sheet music, I will scan it myself with my Canon scanner. Even with 1DollarScan's prices, it is far cheaper in the long run for me to scan my own choral sheet music. Vocal books, however, are oversized (they don't fit in my scanner) and require the binding to be cut off each book for scanning. I could not take my books to FedEx Office to have he bindings cut off for less than $1 per book. I can cut choral music with an inexpensive gullitoine cutter from an office supply store.

I just boxed up the next set of books to send to 1DollarScan…this time of 25 sets, or 15 books (some of the books have over 200 chapters). There is a bit of a “bum deal” when you have a book that is just over 200 pages and thus costs 3 sets…but I'll deal with it.

This box will be sent tomorrow (media mail) and is scheduled to be scanned on September 8th.

I only have a small pile of books left to scan. To date, I've invested $39 in scanning, and $8 in postage (the cost for this box is yet to be determined). In the process, I've saved myself hours of work.

More updates as events develop!


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