Question for readers:

With the continuing absence of Chromatik in the App Store, I am going to need a free PDF sheet music reader to use until after iOS 7 is introduced. iOS 7 will allow a school to reclaim app codes, meaning that they won't lose ownership after assigning them to a device. I know the best paid PDF music readers, as well as which app or apps I would purchase; but are there any free PDF music readers that will work in a pinch?

The one thing we need with the app is the ability to annotate music (therefore, Finale Songbook is not an option).

Please leave your suggestions below (Normally I leave comments turned off, but this is a situation where I am leaving them on)!


15 responses to “Question for readers:

  • foxxpianostudio

    I use ForScore and love it but since you asked for free, I would probably do MusicNotes as it allows you to add your own pdf files in addition to purchasing theirs.

  • Loren Finkelstein

    If you need free, and you can’t find one, then I would recommend that you not limit your search to music readers. You can use any software that can annotate PDF’s. You won’t get music notation, but with a pen tool, it could get you through.

  • Glenn

    What about PiaScore, Songbook, or PDF Reader? I have them all in addition to ForScore (paid app). Not too sure which I prefer yet.

  • musiced20

    A grad school friend suggested Pia Score. Don’t know much about it, but he loves it.

  • Brian Redmond

    If you are looking for a score-reading app, you might try “piaScore”. It’s free, lets you load PDFs, mark them up, and it links into YouTube. It will also use the camera to automatically turn pages if you want, but I haven’t used that feature much. They also have great customer service (from my limited experience).

  • Shirley Lacroix

    Don’t have a free solution but am wondering what happened to Chromatik!

  • John Valk

    Piascore may be an option, it’s free with many possibilities, although stability may be a problem, see

  • Paul Shimmons

    Have you looked at Moxtra yet?

  • Paul Shimmons

    I’m honestly trying to figure out what Chromatik did that I can’t do with Moxtra PLUS it way easier! Plus it seems easier for me to give feedback to students.

  • choirguy

    It came back on Friday, August 16th, with a slight name change (the icon now reads “Chromatik Groups.” It had been missing throughout the summer. I think the original intent was to have a new version by the start of school–and my guess is that the new version just isn’t ready yet, so they brought back the old version just for the sake of schools (like mine).

  • choirguy

    I have note used Moxtra yet, and will look at it. Chromatik has one killer feature which is a way to distribute a set list to students with a code; they enter the code, all their music appears in a setlist that you have created. This solves the #1 problem with digital music in schools: distribution of materials.

  • choirguy

    Thanks to everyone that suggested PiaScore–it has been a long time since I examined that app. It is loaded with features (some paid); and you can “Open In” from Dropbox or Google Drive (so can Moxtra). The only negative is the YouTube function; I don’t think I would want kids to have that functionality during rehearsals. I don’t mind the in-app purchases, as they aren’t mandatory to use the app.

  • choirguy

    I don’t seem to be able to use the “Open In” function from Google Drive, Dropbox, or Safari to add music to Music Notes, which makes the app not useable for my application of 1:1 in a middle school; I’m not saying it is a bad app, however! Thank you for the suggestion!

  • choirguy

    I’ve only used Moxtra for a few moments. It does allow for annotation, and you can use “Open In” from Google Drive, Dropbox, Safari, etc. to get files into Moxtra. I need to see what other settings are available in the app. The winning point of Chromatik is the distribution codes…and setup for choir is admittedly much easier than band (1 score versus thirty parts).

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