Symphony Pro 3.1

Symphony Pro 3.1 was released yesterday, and I just had my first opportunity to try the newest version.

One of the things I like to do is to choose an existing piece and enter it into a program to see how well the program works, to see how intuitive a program is, and to see what doesn't work (either for me, or on the program in general).

The song I am working with lately is Handel's Ombra mai fu from Serse. I was able to effectively enter it into Notion for iPad; but I struggled with Symphony Pro 3.0.

The team at Xenon Labs quickly worked on an update, Symphony Pro 3.1. I was able to set the title, composer, key signature, and time signature. I was able to set the voicing for the song, choose “voice oohs” and “grand piano.” But as I started to enter notes, the app crashed.

I set up the score again, and it crashed again as I started entering notes.

I have reported this experience on their forums.

I'll wait until Symphony Pro 3.2, and give it another shot. I have no ill will towards the app, nor do I wish it to fail…but I need to be honest in reporting my own experience with the app.

It is a huge undertaking to make an app, and even more so to make an app like Symphony Pro. At the moment, Notion for iPad is the app to purchase if you can only afford one app. I will certainly report on my future experiences with Symphony Pro.


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