Notion for iPad 1.2.60 (7/10/13)

Last night, Notion Music pushed an update for the iPad.

I just want to say: “Wow.”

Notion lists many of the improvements in this version both on their forum, on Facebook, and on the App Store. Here are a few that impact my life:

First, endless scrolling of the song. If you are a Finale user, this feels a bit like home.

Second, the ability to set swing and straight tempos in the music. You can now perform jazz and French Baroque music right from the iPad.

Both Continuous View and Swing shown on Notion 1.2.60

Third, ritard and accelerando actually slow down the music and speed it up.

Fourth, you can set the ending tempo of a ritard, or even the length of a fermata.

Setting the ending tempo of a ritard

Setting the length of a fermata

Fifth, options, options, options as a part of the “More” feature when notes are selected.

And finally…you can force a measure to go to the next system (system break).


I'm overwhelmed at the improvement…and with all honesty, Notion for iPad could handle all of my composition needs at this point, even though I am also a long-time Finale user. Yes, you can do all these things on Finale, Sibelius, MuseScore, and Notion on a Windows PC or a Mac. But this is an iPad, and all iPads can do is consume, not create! Yeah…let's stop that “consume” nonsense right now.

There will be a few bugs that pop up…but I know they will be quickly addressed.

Meanwhile, I looked at the latest comments at the App Store and couldn't believe the negative scores and comments that the app has already generated. First the ratings: one (or two) “1” and one (or two) “3”? Compared to what?

I like Notion–a lot–and I recommend it to you, and I think it is a bargain for $14.99.



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