Another Kickstarter Project…a Keyboard by Miselu

The folks at ThinkMusicTechnology posted a tweet about this Kickstarter project today…

I'm intrigued, as this keyboard would take the place of my AKAI LPK25, USB Cable, and iPad USB Camera Connection Kit.

I have never heard of CoreMIDI via Bluetooth 4.0 (I'll have to contact iOS Musician and see what he has to say about that), and although I should not judge anyone based on how they dress, it is hard to take the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) seriously while he is wearing a tank top and hasn't shaved. I don't think you have to wear a suit and tie, but I do think you want to look presentable for such a campaign.

The video on the bottom of the Kickstarter page is much more detailed (comparing the keyboard to other existing keyboards), with a lot of good information about the design, historical size of keyboards, and so on (note, the Vimeo video did not play on my iPad). They have done their homework. You can even join multiple copies of these pianos together to form a bigger keyboard.

So..I'm signing up for another Kickstarter project. It is $99 (shipped in the US) for early backers. Anyone else interested in joining in?



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