Scale Helper Family of Apps

Over the last few months, I have been in communication with the developers of the Scale Helper series of apps. In their own words, here is an introduction to the app series:

All of our apps are based on technology that listens to an instrument and gives feedback. They are designed for the smartphone form factor and contain several unique features to enable the user to switch on and go such as not needing to be accurately tuned before playing, not prescribing a tempo and giving real time feedback.

ScaleHelper, as the name suggests is an app that helps people with their scales and arpeggios. It shows the scale/arpeggio, lets you hear the scale/arpeggio and then assesses your playing of the scale/arpeggio. The ScaleHelper family of apps run on the iOS devices and also Android platforms.

Note Hitter is an app that helps with sight reading. It features several games that bring pupils along from basic note recognition to playing a stream of notes in tempo. The Note Hitter family of apps are only currently available for the iOS devices.

The full range of apps that we offer can be found at along with links to a more detailed overview of each app.

The list of apps is extensive (seven apps at this point) for a variety of needs/uses. Some of the apps are available for Android, too. Links for each app (whether the App Store or the Android Stores) are on the webpage above.

I have not had the time to spend a large amount of time with these apps, but I did send the developers some initial feedback, which they have quickly addressed with app updates. My only remaining concern is that these apps are all intended for iPhone/iPod Touch and are not optimized for the iPad (they are working on it). While the iPhone makes sense from a personal perspective; the iPad makes sense from an educational 1:1 perspective.

If you would like to try these apps for your own playing (scales or sight-reading), give them a try…some have “lite” versions, others have in-app purchases. And if you have feedback for improvements, take the time to let the developers know!



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