Piano Mania App Introduction

I am continuing my process of following up unresolved e-mails this evening, and wanted to let another developer introduce their app, Piano Mania. Again, I want this blog to be a way for all music teachers to find apps that apply to them…not just the apps that I use. As a reminder, this is provided as a service, but not a direct endorsement for the app. So, here are the developer's words about Piano Mania!

Founded in 2010, JoyTunes solves a problem for 85% of the population who “wished they had learned to play an instrument” but never got past the frustrating first steps of learning to play. JoyTunes transforms musical skills into engaging experiences – activated by playing regular musical instruments, no wires required! After great success with their first piano app, Piano Dust Buster, JoyTunes’ recently launched their second piano app, Piano Mania.

Piano Mania is a deeper more educational piano practice tool, still equipped though with the fun gamification components JoyTunes is known for. From a single note to complete pieces, classical and fun radio hits, Piano Mania makes sheet music come to life. With Piano Mania users will have the ability to:

  • Learn to read sheet music notation and symbols
  • Play melodies in both treble and bass clefs
  • Choose between right hand, left hand or both hands simultaneously
  • “Connect to your teacher” feature: impress your Piano Teacher with your new found skills. Teachers will receive weekly progress reports on how well the student is doing!
  • Progress up in ranks, collecting skills points as you play
  • As players progress up in ranks they will earn skills points in sight reading, technique and rhythm. Once they have reached 100% in each skill they can then move onto the next rank, which was previously locked. Users learn a different skill in each rank which get progressively get harder. Piano Mania is a fun and exciting way to practice your piano!


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