Quick Take-Aways from the 2013 WWDC Keynote Address

Apple presented its annual WWDC Keynote address today, and I had the rare opportunity to watch most of it live on my Apple TV (I lost signal about six times during the presentation).

Some general thoughts:

1. I think iOS 7 looks great; I don’t get the angst in the media about it, especially since the media has been saying that iOS is stagnant and old.  You can’t have it both ways.

2. I fear that my trusty 2008 MacBook will not be able to upgrade to OS X 10.9 (Mavericks).  

3.  I was very happy to learn that iBooks…in textbook form…are coming to OS X 10.9

4.  As a person with a lot of apps, I like the idea that they will self-update.  The problem is when you have an app that you want to purposely leave as an old version (e.g. the old version of iCab which could download YouTube videos).

5.  AirDrop is going to be great…the question still exists: can you AirDrop between Mac and iPad?

6.  I love the idea of iTunes Radio, and as an iTunes Match subscriber, I love that it will be ad free.  Pretty amazing for $25 a year.

7.  One of my wish list items is still up in the air: can we finally write to the music storage on our iPads from other apps or mail?

8.  The other wish list item: will the next version of Keynote for iPad have annotation ability?

9.  iWork in the cloud: sounds wonderful.  If it is free to all iCloud subscribers, Google has an issue on their hands.  I always would wish to work on the better product and more importantly, the better looking and working product.

10.  New MacBook Air: I want a retina screen before I buy mine.  7 hours of standby time, or 10 hours?  Pretty amazing.  Can they put that same tech in the A7 processor for the 5th Generation iPad (and 2nd Generation iPad Mini)?

11.  New MacBook Pro: it looks fantastic.  I just have no need for such a machine.  Seriously…was it designed by aliens?

12.  A few companies are being put out of commission with some of the developments.  1 Password?  Doomed by Keychain in the Cloud.  Bump Technologies?  Doomed by AirDrop.

13.  I wish AirDrop could be made to work with all the iPad 2s that have been sold to education, where it would be a huge benefit.  In fact, it really should work with the iPad 3s.  I’ll probably drop a short note to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, about it.

14.  I wish these updates were released before the school year started, but the timing suggests October or November.

15.  No iPad or iPhone this summer.  That’s okay.  It’s nice to own the latest and greatest for a few more weeks.

At any rate, a lot of interesting news today.  It’s a good time to be an Apple user!


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