Planning for an iPad Rollout

This afternoon, I was given a substitute teacher at my current school so I could attend the iPad rollout strategy at my new school (moving from high school to middle school in the process).  I will be part of the school’s tech team as part of my role, but much of the planning has been undertaken by the existing tech team.

I am thoroughly impressed.

My new school has thoroughly researched how best to do an iPad rollout, learning from a number of districts around us.

They have created a plan where teacher inservice (before the start of school) will be focused on teachers becoming familiar with the materials for the student iPads, and then the entire first week of school will be based on iPad training, digital citizenship, and workflow.

Although the school itself typically utilizes an eight period AB schedule, the school will adopt a special six period schedule for the first week, where students will attend six training lessons for five days, meaning thirty training sessions.  Teachers will be asked to teach each of the sessions to moving groups of students, causing the teacher to learn all the material, and letting the students work with different teachers.

And in the first three days, the students will have to master all of the day’s materials (hours 1-5) before getting to play with the iPads in the last session.

Some teachers were a little apprehensive about teaching things that they may not feel qualified to teach, but the tech team and administration is creating materials to be followed for each lesson.  Teachers have plenty of time to study these lessons and to sharpen their skills with certain aspects of iPad use before the kick-off in the fall (plus they will have additional time to prepare in the fall).

The last two days of student training will be focused on iPad use in the context of apps and workflow between apps.

I will ask (at a later time) if I can post these materials/lessons online.

I’m really excited by the potential of this 1:1 project and the detailed planning that is underway to make this rollout both a positive and impactful experience for all of our students.  I am excited to be a part of this project and at this school!


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