App Information: TrueMetronome

Techinmusiced readers: I have recently revised my app review policy.  This is the first of what I hope will be a long list of posts that feature an app on the app store, with information provided by the app developer themselves.  This post is informational; it is not a paid advertisement; I do not personally own this app; nor is this an endorsement.  I have not needed a stand-alone metronome since the introduction of the iPad and iPad apps that are multi-function and include a metronome, but I certainly respect that developers are still committed to their product and making a better “widget.”  So, without any further adieu, here is information about TrueMetronome.
TrueMetronome is the only app worthy of being called a metronome. Almost all metronome apps boast about their accuracy, but users with sensitive hearing notice inaccurate beats all the time. It used to be impossible to create a perfectly accurate metronome on a mobile device. Despite the failure of other apps, perfect time is possible for TrueMetronome: its unique engine creates perfect beats with ABSOLUTE ZERO latency. For this reason, TrueMetronome is the most accurate metronome app on any mobile platform.

Sound quality is the second issue for software metronomes. Serious musicians prefer a natural sound filled with overtones, but all metronome apps play short synthetic samples (so that the first sound stops completely before the next begins). Thus, you hear an artificial, dead sound. Moreover, the identical samples playing at the same frequency can drive any man crazy! TrueMetronome solves this problem thoroughly: all sounds are recorded from real metronomes, a beat does not affect the gradual decay of its predecessors, and each beat’s sound is a little different from the others. All this contributes to the natural sound which is easier on your ears.

Finally, an aesthetic, thoughtful interface is an important aspect of any application, and TrueMetronome pays particular attention to it. Creating an electronic metronome interface is simple, but TrueMetronome does not cut corners: it recreates the look and feel of a real mechanical metronome; every mark on the scale is labeled with a tempo mark, the deviation angle of the pendulum depends on the tempo, and the tempo is selected by dragging the weight.




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