ReadWriteThink Trading Cards for iPad

I recently saw a tweet by Richard Byrne about ReadWriteThink's app, Tradiing Cards. There is a web-based version of this app as well.

The app is free, and you can download it here.

The app does keep you to specific templates, and could be used for any number of things. Here are two trading cards that I quickly put together:

A) Music History – Composers

B) Music Notation

If you are in an all-iPad school (or have access to the web version), perhaps this app might be a creative way to have students do background information on the songs they are singing, or to reinforce other things you are teaching in class (as a project or the dreaded “h” word [homework]). But does it count as work if it is fun to do?

It would be nice if you, as a teacher, could alter some of the fields (not all of the given prompts make sense for music education)…but again, this is a free resource.

The trading card aspect may be of interest to your male students as well–although they cannot put these in the spokes of their bikes.

These could be used for studying a test; perhaps you could choose the best trading cards over the year and print out a collectible set for your students at the end of the year–lots of opportunities here.



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