The missing app…

Occasionally, I’m asked what apps seem to be missing for the iPad.

It seems that apps continue to develop to fill any gap that I perceive.

At one point, music notation was a sore point on the iPad, but Notion is filling that need quite nicely, with rapid updates.

The biggest missing app, for my use as a music educator, is music scanning software on the iPad itself. Symphony Pro, when it existed, had a very rudimentary scanning option that didn’t work very well…but it was amazing that they tried to include it.  I’d like to see an app that would utilize the iPad’s camera to scan music.  I think the Think Music Technology app would have potential in that area.  I can see how the conversion of hand written music to digital notation is an attractive idea, but I’d be interested in the app applying the same principles to notated/printed music.  And then, if the result could be as accurate (or more accurate) as Photoscore or SmartScore, and exported in MusicXML to Notion…think of the possibilities!

The other missing piece is access to the audio music libray on the iPad.  You should be able to write to and from that collection of music (right now, you can only get music out of it).  But iOS has writing access to that library shut down.  I have e-mailed Tim Cook about this.

What about you?  What apps would you like to see?  I do have comments closed on the blog, but feel free to send a tweet (@techinmusiced) or an e-mail techinmusiced@ g m a i with your ideas.  I’ll add them in a future post, along with your name (unless you don’t want me to metion it).


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