Posts, a blogging app

I have been editing posts and pages today with Posts, a blogging app for the iPad, which works with WordPress and Blogger.  

If I’m writing on my iPad, I typically use Blogsy, which is another blogging app that has many more features and works with a wide variety of blogging apps.  I like Blogsy, but one of the blogs I follow stated that Posts was free, so I wanted to download it and try it.

Overall, it’s a bit easier to use than Blogsy, has fewer features, and it doesn’t automatically scale photos to your blog size (If you notice, the pictures I added to my last post extend past the visible point on the screen).

But other than that, Posts seems to work well, and it is free.  If you are a blogger, you might as well download it and give it a try!  If you need more features, Blogsy is still out there.


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