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music resources

Back in February, one of my technology colleagues, Paul Shimmons, posted about the app called, “Music Resources,” and he offered a give-away of the app.  I was fortunate enough to get a copy of the app.  Basically, it is a collection of materials (I believe they are all PDFs) that will be of use to music educators.

The developer of the app, Beau Young, wrote me to introduce me to the app (he did not know that I had already received the app), and gave me two promo codes to give away (more about that later).

Here is a short video (from YouTube) about the app:

You can print directly from the app, or send the resources to another program, such as Notability (unfortunately, Noteshelf, my favorite note taking app, still does not allow for PDF import).    If you purchase the app, plan on buying an app like Notability so that you can get more use out of the resources (drawing on them, etc.)

The developer is always looking for requests for improvements and additional content (I can think of five off the top of my head:  a piano keyboard in portrait format, fingering charts for all instruments, correction keys for the included practice exams, sight-reading material (voice), and the ability to add your own content).  Although the $9.99 price of the app may seem high, knowing that the content will be continually expanded, and that the content is always organized and available on your device is probably worth that asking price (I know many teachers who struggle trying to keep their digital resources organized) .

Now for the bit about the give away…Simply send me an e-mail (techinmusiced@ g m a i, without the spaces) by Tuesday, April 2nd, by 7pm CST.  I will put all the e-mail addresses into a randomizer and choose two e-mail addresses, notifying the winners by Wednesday evening (CST).  I believe the codes are only redeemable in the United States.



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